The company

eos chocolates takes a mindful approach in the creation of artisan chocolate, combining high-quality ingredients, textures and shapes for a delightful tasting experience. Named for Eos, the goddess of dawn, eos chocolates are meant to satisfy chocolate lovers bite-by-bite, guiltless pleasure guaranteed.

eos chocolates offers four lines of products, all made with fair-trade, organic or sustainably farmed ingredients. 

eos almonds and barks are made of high percentage cocoa (70%) to ensure just the right amount of sweetness to satisfy that craving while promoting the many natural health benefits of chocolate.

eos chocolate man aims to please all chocolate pallets and therefore ranges from white to milk to dark chocolate. One can choose between a solid man or one that is filled with passion (fruit) or creamy ganache. He is sized to be enjoyed whole but can be nibbled on limb-by-limb leisurely as well.

eos snacks offers a choice of two refined sugar-free energy bars that are sweetened instead with honey and coconut sugar. They contain energy-sustaining ingredients, such as organic rolled oats, 100% cocoa nibs, hemp seeds and more. The chocolate spread can be used on fruit, crackers and toast or heated up over ice cream.

eos gifts has a variety of bonbons and truffles to choose from. There is also the option to order custom products as a corporate gift or for a special occasion.

For any chocolate lover, eos chocolates offers a wide range of products for different occasions, times of day and moods, and are a pure and satisfying pleasure.


The creator

Catherine von Ruden’s creative journey began 6 years ago with the realization that she could contribute to overall healthy diets by making treats using less sugar. For all who want to enjoy sweetness on a daily basis, she offers products that are healthier and rich in flavor.

Having grown up in Switzerland with a love for all things natural, and also with a passion for creating desserts and treats, she turned to her roots and started working with chocolate as well as almonds grown on the family’s farm in California. And eos chocolates rose.


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